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ARTICLES - Aging Related Topics
 The Key To Fitness After Age 40 Learn why “Over 40” no longer means over the hill and how with the right information you can still get in the best shape of your life today. Read the full story at Always Active Athletics
The Hormone Connection: Estrogen and Weight Loss They can make you friggin’ crazy or just breakdown and cry. Not only can they make you irrational but as we age they really can be detrimental to your weight loss goals. What can you do? Learn About It Here
The Hormone Connection: Low Testosterone Above we discussed the consequence of estrogen and coritsol imbalance and how these imbalances can be overcome. In this installment we will talk about what many men dread or are dealing with right now – low testosterone! Learn About It Here
Fitness as You Age - Staying Healthy at Any Age  Josh Anderson M.S., CPT, and Founder of Always Active Athletics interviews Michael Spitzer and discusses the important points of slowing down Father Time and feeling 10-20 years younger than you are. Read Part 1 of Interview Here Read Part 2 of Interview Here