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3 Minute Mexican In many ways, this recipe may qualify as a "perfect recipe" ...... Why ? It is cheap --- It is fast --- It is easy---It is high in fiber --- It meets the needs of most low carbohydrate diets ---It is high in protein --- and it TASTES BETTER than what you get in most Mexican restaurants! A winner all the way around. Full Recipe for 3-Minute Mexican
Tiger Tear - Thai Beef Salad One of my best friends owned an award winning Thai restaurant in South Florida. For many years, my wife and I visited his place every Thursday night for our weekly “date night”. He always promised me if he decided to return to Thailand, he would teach us how to prepare our favorite dishes. A few years ago my friend did indeed move back to Asia, but we still keep in contact to this day. I want to thank Paul Triam for this beef salad recipe. No doubt, you will thank him too after you taste it. Get the Full Recipe Here
Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tossed Salad Since many people like salads with grilled chicken, here is a recipe that has more flavor than you will find in most restaurant offerings. This recipe features an oven baked chicken breast seasoned with hot and spicy Jamaican Jerk seasoning. This is also a fast and easy recipe to prepare.
Ingredients: 8 ounces     Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 1-2 Tablespoon   Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk Seasoning  (to taste) 3 Cup Tossed Salad Blend 2 Tablespoon Salad Dressing (Catalina or Parmesan recommended) ¼ Cup Mexican style mixed Cheese Blend  (shredded) Sprinkle* Salad Supreme Seasoning  (McCormick’s) (* to taste) Sprinkle* Black Pepper (*t o taste) 2 Eggs (hardboiled - 10 minutes) Directions: 1. Slice Chicken Breast into 8-9 equal sized pieces. 2. Rub & cover the chicken breast pieces with Jerk Seasoning. 3.  Bake or Broil Chicken @ 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes. 4. Turn chicken several times to insure even cooking. 5. Remove chicken from oven and allow it to cool slightly. 6. Meanwhile, toss Salad Blend, Dressing and Cheese. 7. Slice cooked chicken and Hardboiled Eggs into smaller pieces and toss into salad. 8. Sprinkle with Salad Supreme and Black Pepper to taste. Makes 2 servings :         Each serving:   Protein-32 gr.    Carbs-13 gr.     Fat-15 gr.
MAKE YOUR OWN PRE- WORKOUT DRINK AND SAVE $$$ Pre-workout drinks can be expensive, but by mixing up your own you can save 50-60% and actually get a higher concentration of active ingredients.
My personal formulation is as follows ... Glutamine Powder (1 tsp) = 5.0 grams Creatine Monohydrate Powder (1 tsp) = 5.0 grams Mixed in 20 ounce of Water Add Jolly Rancher Watermelon Flavoring to taste. Then take these as pills before heading to the gym. L-Arginine (pill) 500 mg Caffeine (pill) 100 mg The reason for taking L-Arginine as a pill is to avoid the sharp taste it would otherwise impart to the drink if it were added as a powder. The caffeine pill is simply convenience and easy dosage accuracy -- although you could buy this as a powder too if you want to (and are careful with measurements). Michael Spitzer - Author - Fitness at 40,50,60 and Beyond