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5 Star Reviews from AMAZON Right on Target! By caren bennett I am a 50 year old physician who has exercised regularly my whole life. I was astonished at how much I DON"T know about physical fitness physiology and proper exercising that I was able to learn by reading this book. It is clearly written at a level appropriate for all, from novices to professionals. This book will change my work out routine for the better and I am already starting to see the benefits after just a short time. I wish every one of my patients would read it and start to reap the benefits of a healthier body and longer life! Informative & Inspiring - Age is NOT a Dead End! By RPD Michael Spitzer has compiled a fascinating amount of information that reveals both the mind of a scientist/nutritionist and the physical experience of a true body builder. The result is more than exceptional, because he also conveys this information in an engaging format that will keep even those with a cursory interest in this material glued to the pages-pages that will enlighten and change ones lifestyle, health and even happiness IF they heed Spitzer’s sound advice. And one look at the author (before & after) is enough to prove every dietary guideline and exercise routine he has suggested for “our” benefit. Age does not have to be a dead end, and this book makes you want to shift into high gear again to reclaim a modicum of our youth. Highly recommended! Nothing else worked for me, but I lost 40 pounds in 6 months thanks to this book. By stubbycat I should point out that I know the author personally. In fact, I am one of the many people who encouraged him to write this book. As a 50 year old woman, I was finding it hard to lose the weight I had gained over the years. I could tell my metabolism was slower and the extra weight was causing me to start feeling pain in my knees and back. I tried some other popular advertised weight loss plans. I would lose a few pounds, start to feel good about myself but then suddenly gain the weight back. My girlfriend from college days was in the same shape as me. She also followed this same plan and we both lost 40 pounds between July and December. We are not just lighter but feel more toned and clothes shopping Is exciting again. Five Stars By John Beamon Awesome book, don't wait your not getting any younger
This book is very well written and FULL of useful information. I've been reading about exercise and nutrition ... By adrienne d edwardson This book is very well written and FULL of useful information. I've been reading about exercise and nutrition for about 20 years, just as a person trying to learn how to eat healthy and stay reasonably fit. Spitzer has an engaging writing style that is informative and also inspirational. The sample charts are very helpful (like the ones on page 101 that list two meal samples with their carb, protein and fat content). I also really like all the photos demonstrating proper form for the gym exercises. I could go on... the table of contents and the index at the back make it easy to find things...the information about aging bodies was detailed enough to help me understand what happens to us physically during aging without being overwhelming. I think one of my favorite pages in the book is page 402 where Spitzer describes the impact books have had on his life - I feel very much the same, that much of what I have learned in life came from reading. Now the lifetime of learning and experience that Michael Spitzer carefully and skillfully shared in this book will be encouraging and helping many other people for years to come. This book will be a faithful companion for me, I'm sure, as I go forward with my wellness goals. THE book for older weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts. By 71 and countingon Good stuff, Mike Spitzer!! Thanks from me, since many of us are not in our twenties or thirties but still find personal value in weight lifting and working out in general. And you are there via your book to fill in the unknown parts for us! This book was written for me, or so it seems! This is the only book I've found that deals with the issues of the older weight lifter and fitness enthusiast. I am looking to improve my health and increase my energy levels and build strength. I started lifting at a gym about several years ago with very little to guide me, as I am an older novice weight lifter. Nothing I ever found being published dealt with weight lifting and fitness workouts for my age group. The trainers weren't too sure, either. Until I read this book!!! Now I have an excellent source of guidance! Great book, Mike Spitzer!! I first borrowed a copy of this book from our library and liked it so much I just bought it and received it in the mail today. I am switching all of the present exercise parameters I previously had used regarding warm-ups and lifts per set to match Mike Spitzer's philosophies and techniques from this book Amazing book with abundant useful fitness information By maria e. castellanos I am half way reading the book and I am very impressed with all the fact compilations from the author without trying to sell you a product or a regimen as it's typically done. It's written in a very simple, accessible way so anybody could understand the concepts however well documented and scientifically supported. I personally value the encouragement and positive approach to fitness at this age, being in that group myself. It's truly an inspiration!!! This Book Works . . . If You "Work" the Book By lfowler910 First of all, let's face it, if you are 40, 50, 60 and beyond (or even if you are 20, 30), you know that there is no "miracle" cure, drug, powder, or program for weight loss and getting fit, it just does not exist. YOU HAVE TO WATCH WHAT YOU EAT AND YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE . . . THERE'S JUST NO WAY AROUND IT! I am 50 years old and I have struggled with my weight and the whole idea of exercise all of my life. Over the past 10 years, through watching what I eat (types of foods and amounts) and walking 3 miles a day, I have been able to lose over 90 lbs, but for the past year or so I have reached the point where I am no longer losing. With respect to exercise, I'll be honest, I just don't like going to gym (mainly because I don't know what to do with the equipment or the right way to exercise). That is why this book is GREAT. This book starts by telling you the science behind aging, weight loss and exercise and its effects on the body, and then provides actual diet tips, but, most importantly for me, it provides actual guidance as to an exercise routine, resistance training (lifting weights), and provides great pictures as to how an exercise should be done and a schedule for when to do the exercises and how often. This is exactly what I need, because I am at a loss when it comes to the gym and what I should be doing and how (therefore, I just never tried). It only takes me about 75 minutes to lift weights and do the cardio plan, which was a great surprise to me (I always thought "going to the gym" would be a 2 hour ordeal!), and that is only 3 days a week (the other days I just do cardio)! I have also had the opportunity to speak personally with the author and to get some pointers (oh, and by the way, the picture of the author on the cover of the book is real . . . not touched up). He has used these techniques over the years, they are proven and it shows. I wish I would have had this book 30 years ago! If you are looking for a book that has been tested, tried, and proven, then THIS BOOK IS IT! If you "work" this book, it will "work" for you. Excellent Book By Margie Fields I was first attracted by the title of this book, as I fit in the beyond group and I have not seen a book I wanted to purchase that was in my interest. I am a healthy, active woman but with extra weight, weight that I don't need or want. I find this book as a useful means, It is well researched and detailed. I live in a colder area and going to the gym on snow days can be a problem for me. I will appreciate chapters 7 and 8 training at home and odds and ends. Great helps to stay fit. Another good chapter of interest that will be useful to me is chapter 3 nutrition and helpful hints. I think I can lose weight and improve my health with this one book that I was happy to receive today. Informative and realistic By RAM54 This book is well written and give you honest realistic information. Not a gimmick like 'lose a pound a day' but good intelligent information and guidelines that the average person can understand and stick with. Great photos to show you how to do the exercises correctly. This author clearly knows what he is talking about and how to get his point across to the masses. Easy read that is on point By Darrin Nunley This book hits all aspects of a well thought out exercise program to improve an individuals quality of life. Easy read, easy to follow. Do not let the tittle fool you. This book is loaded with solid advice for exercise enthusiast or all ages. Wow By Stephen Long When, I received my book it was nicely package and undamaged during delivery process a plus for me. The author did excellent job on explaining the finer points on training ,eating and supplementation. Also, I enjoyed the pictures on the correct way of doing certain lifting movements. The books that I purchase in the past made me have a dictionary handy to understand some of the terminology. Overall, I fine this book a easy read. The only thing you need after purchasing this book is post it notes to mark your pages on new things that you pick up. It's not magic, it's the truth By Daniel Hahs FINALLY a book that tells the truth about fitness !!!!!! This book does a great job of covering exercise, nutrition, and aging all in one. I am in my early 50's, one of those work out a couple of years then take a few years break because life gets in the way kind of guys. I expect to be hitting the Gym again soon using this book as a printed owners manual for myself this time. With such detailed pictures showing and explaining the exercise movements one would need to try really hard to receive a gym injury. Get the book, read it, and get started. It's not magic, it's the truth. Would Definitely Recommend By Groovematic I have read half way thru the book so far, all the way thru to the end of the nutrition section. I have applied what I read to my eating habits and was able to lose 4lbs on my first week with out even exercising yet. This book gives an easy understanding to the way your body works and utilizes food, so you make smarter choices of what and when to eat. After I finish the rest of the book and start my workouts I will update my review with my progress. Kudo's to the author on making this a "no hype, only facts and science" approach to fitness. He lays it out plain and simple to understand. I have read all across the internet about new "fad" diets that come and go, but this book is the real encyclopedia to staying healthy , no fads. More Feedback... " I wish I had this book before I spent $800 on a personal trainer" " I know this is supposed to be for people over 40, but it's actually good advice for everybody. If I had started a routine like this when I was in my 30s I would be in much better shape today." " It was refreshing to see an honest and well explained program to really take charge and lose weight instead of all the money wasting scams seen on TV. I have never seen these fitness topics explained in such an in depth and entertaining way." " I own several books about exercise, but none of them explain the proper technique like you do. Now I know why my joints used to hurt and I never got the results I thought I should have." " It is good that you give equal attention to both men and women. The discussion of body mechanics  between the sexes is something I have never seen covered in books of this type in the past." " I found the informational chapters very interesting. I think it is much easier to stick with anything when you know WHY, instead of just being told "eat this", "do so many reps of that." Fast Twitch versus Slow Twitch and how the Fast Twitch deteriorates faster with age, for instance-interesting, useful stuff." " The first night reading this book I learned four things I have been doing wrong for years. Now I know why I saw no results." " This book was so much more than I expected. It explains EVERYTHING about getting older and how to lose weight and feel better." We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
Fitness at 40,50,60 and Beyond Bronze Medal Winner Best Exercise and Fitness Book of the Year Living Now Book Awards 2015
Nice words from RON ELY  Hollywood actor and star of TV's TARZAN in the 1960s. " I hope your book is doing well. It is well done and is a good fit for older people who need some help in getting into shape and staying that way." - Ron Ely.