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 Are you overweight and easily tired? Do you feel Father Time has his hands on you? Have the popular diet fads and "miracle products" sold on TV failed to work? Now with Fitness at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond, you can dramatically change the way you look and feel even past the age of 40. No wild claims, no hype, no false promises. This is a detailed and effective plan written by a scientist involved with fitness since the 1970s. It tells the truth and really works. Period! LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK
Hello, my name is Michael Spitzer and it might suprise you to know this book was not originally my idea. This book was written after scores of people kept saying … “Your advice and routines have done more for me than anything I have tried in the past. You should write a book.”   Now if you had asked my opinion several years ago, I would have thought the world already had more than enough books, magazines, and infomercials dedicated to the goal of helping people lose weight and feel better. As it turns out, I was wrong. There is an entire portion of our population that has been largely overlooked by the mainstream fitness craze. People like you. As these people continued urging me to write a guide focusing on the special challenges and needs of people over age 40, I began to wonder why with all the existing material on the market, there was a perceived need for such a book. Here is what I discovered… The Fitness Industry Caters To the Young Next time you visit a supermarket or bookstore, take a look at the magazine rack. No doubt you will find at least half a dozen magazines featuring models on the cover who resemble Mr. Universe -or- a perfect example of the feminine physique clad in a bikini containing less fabric than a dinner napkin. Almost certainly, these cover models will be under the age of 35. Now grab one of those same magazines off the shelf and take a quick read thru the pages. Personally, I have enjoyed reading and learning about exercise and fitness from these magazines since the 1970s, but they tend to be more dedicated to youthful hardcore training. There is plenty of great information to be found between the covers of these publications, but unless you are genetically gifted and using chemical enhancement, they often demonstrate a level of development that is unobtainable to 99% of the general public. The average person is not striving to look like a professional bodybuilder. Their goal is to lose fat, build muscle, look younger, feel more energetic and maintain mobility in the most efficient manner possible. This is even more relevant as people pass age 40. I am currently 52 years old and the 3-day-per week regimen covered in this book is exactly what I myself do. There is no need to spend 5 or 6 days per week at a gym or pound your knees to death doing hours and hours of cardio once you learn the true science of fitness. Many People Missed the Advent of the Modern Fitness Revolution The mid 1970s thru early 1980s is often considered the era when our modern fitness revolution came into existence. Before this time, the concepts behind exercise and nutrition were understood, but not yet widely accepted by the general population. In fact, prior to the 1977 film “Pumping Iron” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, popular mainstream opinion of weight training was that it was a niche activity reserved for specialized athletes, muscle-bound freaks, or the very vane. Not only were the benefits of weight resistance training largely misunderstood by the general population, but dietary principles were entrenched more in the traditions of Western living and less in the actual biological needs and functioning of the human body. Some habits are hard to break. Even today with all that has been learned, the idea of three (3) full course meals per day with the evening Dinner often being the largest is still ingrained in our society. Even more so, there persists a misunderstanding regarding the primary nutritional components (Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats) as well as the varied vitamins and minerals. Once you learn the real facts about foods and macronutrients, you will understand why the most popular big-name diets rarely give lasting results. Yes, most people will lose weight at first, but soon they plateau , and then they gain back that same weight back (plus more). They will try another diet only to repeat the same cycle in a “Yo-Yo” fashion. I explain how to structure your meals so that you are eating to feed the body you want - not the body you have. This does NOT mean bland dieting. You can eat 5-6 times per day with dishes like Jamaican Jerk Chicken, 3-Minute Mexican or Tiger Tear Thai Beef Salad. People Say They Have Tried Everything - But Nothing Works For Them Over the past 35 years, I have talked with so many people who say they have tried multiple diets plans, paid for personal trainers, or even spent 5-6 days per week at the gym with minimal results. Upon closer evaluation, I discover they have been spending too much time and money on things that simply do not work. In terms of exercise, they are putting in hours of time per week, but due to improper guidance they are just “spinning their wheels” and going thru the motions while missing the key fundamentals that make the difference between success and time wasted. In terms of diet, they are often finding it harder and harder to lose weight unless they almost starve themselves because they have been lured into a diet plan that promises quick results but in the long haul actually crashes their metabolism. You will never again make those mistakes once you know the true since of fitness. People Continue to Minimize Benefits and Maximize the Risk of Injury Every day at gyms around the world, you will witness people unknowingly doing things that place them at risk of injury. This improper use of equipment and/or faulty body mechanics can potentially damage joints, tendons, and ligaments while failing to properly exercise the targeted muscle fibers. The goal as we age is to remain flexible, functional and mobile. I am 100% certain this book will explain exercise techniques, hand positions, range of motion and other principles in a way you have not heard before. To Summarize… The success stories from the people I have helped over the years combined with my personal disgust at all the TV commercials and other products selling false promises of magic weight loss motivated me to offer people a true and honest path to better health. Remember, I was a originally a scientist by profession - not a salesman. The objective of this book was to extract the best fitness information of the past 50 years into a single reference source providing superior advice and benefits for older individuals. The information found in Fitness at 40,50,60 and Beyond is designed to give you the best “bang for the buck” in terms of obtaining impressive results while taking into consideration the special concerns of joint health, slowing metabolism, hormonal changes, and other challenges of aging. Although written to address the specific issues that concern older individuals, the diet and exercise advice provided is actually useful for people of all ages. In this regard, the book is now considered by many people as the “definitive new book for fitness and weight loss”. Get in the best shape of your life - NATURALLY. Folks in their 40s, 50s , 60s, and beyond have reported being in better shape and feeling more energetic than they have in decades. If they can do it - so can you. Get started today. Best Wishes on Your Fitness Goals! Michael Spitzer
Discover the truth of how to: * Lose weight fast and tone your body in as little as 16 weeks. * Regain youthful energy, vitality, and endurance. * Discover what really happens inside your body as you age. * Uncover the truth about how your body uses calories. * Design a healthy eating plan to control weight while avoiding hunger. * Build muscle and increase strength. * Gain a better appreciation for the importance of full and natural range of motion movements when exercising. * Learn helpful tips to deal with insomnia, hormone stability, depression, anxiety, cholesterol, frequent colds, joint pain and other age related ailments. * Discover how resistance training can help minimize symptoms of arthritis, osteopenia, lower back pain and more. * Utilize training regimens designed specifically for both fully equipped gyms and the private home. * Read detailed descriptions for properly using the most popular exercise equipment. * Learn how to properly design your own workout plans. * Learn the most common mistakes people repeat time and time again that cause pain, injury, or minimal results for their time and effort. * Discover why many popular fad diets fail and why many people regain weight quickly on the various "quick weight loss" programs. * Find out why eating 5-6 smaller meals is healthier for your body and more effective for weight loss than the typical 2-3 large meals per day habit many people adhere to. * Improve flexibility and range of motion while learning to minimize pain and discomfort in the knees, elbows, and shoulders resulting from age, use, and common wear & tear. * and much more…
 Even after age 40, dramatic results are possible in as little as 16 weeks.
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